Hiring an app development firm should be a very carefully considered decision, just as important as selecting your law firm or internal auditors. App development is not a one-time service your company may need, it is an ongoing work of developing, growing and improving your business mobile app.

Growing your mobile app should be a smooth process so that your users do not notice blatant changes, but experience better functionality and design. In order to ensure this kind of smooth and integrated growth, every new version should be developed and implemented carefully, by the original coders of the mobile app.

This means one thing: your organization needs to find an app development company with which it can build a strong and long-term relationship. There are many benefits to long-term business partnerships, one of the main ones being the trust which grows between the two entities, and the personal collaboration relationships between teams.

However, there are other important benefits in finding and working with the right partner in app development:

1. Your App Permanently Reflects Your Business Values

Bringing a new player in the big game of mobile marketing means that the player has to learn the rules before he starts playing proficiently. Hiring a brand new mobile app development firm to work on your existing app could result in frictions between the users and the new look or functionalities of the app, because it no longer feels like the app they were used to.

On the other hand, having one constant app developer working on the app means maintaining the app on a steady growth path with full understanding of your core values and business mission. A development firm which has worked with you since the inception of your app has already learned your internal policies, your mission statement, and the type of image you want to present to your customers.

2. Flawless Implementation of Your Visual Identity Guidelines

Corporate identity manuals are complex systems detailing every specific visual identifier which defines your brand image: including colors, fonts, typefaces, and geometric placement of the logo on various materials (letterheads, emails, website, PDF documents, etc.). Depending on how developed and refined your brand image is, some of these specifications can be very subtle, and a newcomer working on your mobile app will go through a trial and error period before implementing them correctly.

3. Each Code Is Best Understood by Its Authors

It is no secret that programmers do not like to work on somebody else’s code. This is true for web and mobile app developers alike. Bringing a new firm or a new developer to add up to the existing code will take some time to make adjustments, to fix bugs (real or perceived), and to add the desired features without impacting the core functionality of the mobile app.

This is especially important if you have opted to start out with a MVP app and plan to add functionalities with a schedule of updates. The schedule should be planned and executed by the same developing firm by continuous communication, testing, and implementation of changes and suggestions made by the specialized team from your organization.

4. Your App Grows with Your Business

A long-term partner understands the growth path of your business and the changes in your branding image, and implements them quickly and accurately into your mobile app. These changes are made in a continuous manner, with minimum input from you. This deep understanding can only be developed through close and long-term collaboration between you and your mobile app developer.

Thus, finding and staying loyal with the right mobile app developer is the key to building and growing a powerful, user-friendly and engaging mobile app which integrates smoothly into your overall marketing strategy.