In today’s tech-driven world, where days start with e-newspaper and end with emails, smartphones and tablets have become the abodes of consumers. According to a report by CMO, as much as 120 million smart phone owners in U.S. use an ecommerce shopping app once in a month. Your app could be one of them. And if your company doesn’t have an app, you could very well be missing out on a golden opportunity. This entails that the real competition is out there and you are not just lagging behind, but losing by a great margin.

The solution is simple, create a plan, device a purpose and hire a mobile app developer to get the ball rolling. But in the realm of software development, things are not simple as they appear to be. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Besides all major and minor technicalities and details to reflect on, you need to consider few important tips and facts before hiring someone to build a mobile app for you. Here’s what you can do to ensure less misses and more hits as far as the development of your own mobile app is considered:

Seek a developer interested in your business

A good developer knows what works and what doesn’t in the app store. He should not only be able to guide you through the development process, but should also give you creative input based on his experience with similar apps.

Look for your developer’s previously built mobile apps

A qualified candidate should be eager to provide you with a list of apps he has developed, or at least played a major role in developing. You should ask for links to his previously built apps in Apple’s IOS App Store, BlackBerry App Store or Google Play. This is a good way to gauge whether or not your future developer has the skills, vision and experience to produce the mobile app you are looking for.

Access his portfolio and check references

It is pretty much obvious that a good developer will have exceptional UI/UX skills. Needless to say, his portfolio will embrace great looking apps with excellent user interface. An eye-catching portfolio signifies that the developer has a knack of creating appealing and creative designs. Majority of the functionally of a mobile app is based on how a user interacts with it.
One should look for developers who will readily share their earlier client contact information as references to their work. This helps get real feedback on their ability and work experience.

Don’t fall prey to developers with lower rates

The thumb rule is to never select a development partner based on price quote. Always remember that you need a great product, not the cheapest one. Every company has its own budget limit. But cheaply- built apps might conquer more expenses in the long run. Hence, it is idyllic to look for good service rather than going for affordable prices. In case you need to redo the app with another developer, you might end up elevating your expenses even more than expected.

Let the design of the app be the priority

How your app will look is as important as the way it functions. Before hiring an app developer, the sensible thing to do is to make that extra effort and look for development partners who can add value to the usability aspect of your mobile app. This plays a great role in determining how users interact with your product.

Consider whole package, not just the coding

Building an app is not just coding, it is about creating a functional design with user experience in consideration. You may need to avoid selecting an independent developer unless you have the access to the team who will perform the rest of the functions such as usability, design and testing.

Bottom line

Today, there are millions of mushrooming apps being developed by skilled developers to meet almost any human need. To tap on the large number of mobile users, you need to take into account the work quality and efficiency of your developer. Taking time to consider above mentioned points before hiring someone to build a mobile app for you will not only ensure your project’s success, but will also help simplify your business needs. No matter the number of apps already present in the app market, there is always a room for you to emerge with your new app. And to get that done, you need the right developer with the right qualities.