Launching a website is a complex process. And it starts from the moment when you purchase the domain name and the hosting service. But there is some time between this moment and the actual day when the site goes live on the internet. This interval, when you do not actually have a website is not to be ignored. You can still attract prospects. You can build excitement and interest. You can build a list of subscribers.

How is that possible? By designing and uploading a creative Coming Soon page. This is one of those non-pages, like the Page Not Found one, which needs to be taken into account when planning the design of your website. It has the potential to create buzz around your website before you upload it on the hosting server and promote your brand name.

Below are some of the most effective design rules for creating a Coming Soon page, which acts like a powerful teaser for your future website and creates engagement among your potential customers.

1. Tell Your Story

Even if you are an established company and the reason for the Coming Soon page is a complete rebrand, you still need to tell your followers why you are doing it. For start-ups, this page is their first online business card – the opportunity to tell people something about their business mission and values, about the need they plan to fulfill or the problem they want to solve with their products and services.

In a few words, and with the help of great graphics – an infographic is one of the best ways of designing this type of Coming Soon page – you can give people a reason to come back when your website is officially launched.

2. Provide a Countdown

People are excited about countdowns. It builds interest and curiosity. They want to make sure they will be among the first visitors to browse your website, once it is launched. So they will save the date and keep returning to your Coming Soon page to make sure they do not miss the exact launch hour and minute.

3. Encourage Early Subscribers with Incentives

The Coming Soon page must be your first landing page – the one where you invite people to opt in to receive notifications concerning all the special events and activities you’ve planned around the official launch of your website.

Offering them the chance to pre-order your new products or giving them a small discount for early subscription is a great way to encourage your first wave of prospects to join your mailing list before you have your website and product catalog live online.

4. Send Visitors to Your Social Media Pages

While the website is not ready yet, your social media accounts should be fully set up and keeping your followers informed about your efforts to offer them a great browsing experience on your upcoming website.

Social media pages are the best place for sharing a detailed schedule of your website launch, giving them a quick behind-the-scenes peek at your team and developers working together, as well as small previews of the most exciting features of your new website.

5. Reinforce Your Brand Image

No matter what type of content or CTA you plan to include in the Coming Soon page, your logo and brand colors are a must-have item to include there. For newly launched brands, it is the way of getting people familiarized with them. For companies which rebrand themselves, this page can serve as a smart and smooth transition from the old image to the new one, allowing your loyal customers to get accustomed to it.

The level of thought and creativity used in designing your Coming Soon page is also a witness of your dedication towards your customers. Some people choose to follow a company they had previously not been interested in if their curiosity is piqued by a cleverly designed Coming Soon page.