Mobile app development is a growing and ever-changing field of work. Although the backbone of this profession is already mature, new languages and trends are constantly appearing and disappearing. Thus, any developer who wants to stay on top of the latest developments needs to keep learning every day of every year.

Ongoing Learning and Specialization – The Key to Success in a Highly Competitive Environment

The world of mobile development is no longer a closed circle accessible only to a chosen few. Young developers join its ranks every day, while seasoned web developers learn to adapt to the new market demands and learn how to code for the mobile environment.

Taking a look at the overall mobile development market, there is a huge disparity between the offers potential customers will get when they start inquiring. Prices for a mobile app range from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The difference in these prices is justified by two key elements:

  • the developer’s experience and talent;
  • the range of coding languages the developer knows.

The second element is precisely what we want to discuss today: learning and specialization. This is something every developer must focus on as a part of their personal and professional growth. The more you learn, the wider your reach and opportunities to get hired by specialized companies or to be successful as a freelancer.

The top notch skills you possess today will be tomorrow’s basic requirements. Therefore, you must always hone your skills and add new ones in order to be ready to face any challenge posed by a future project.

Today we will share with you some of the best online learning resources which you can access in order to be ready to face the future.

1. Envato Tuts+


The former Mobile Tuts+ has now become bigger and richer in high quality tutorials both for Android and iOS. This platform offers step-by-step written tutorials which range from beginners’ guides to various mobile development languages to specialized and specific pieces of code to achieve special graphic and animation effects or to implement security policies in your mobile app code.

Currently, Envato Tuts+ hosts over 21,000 tutorials (not all of them are focused on mobile development) and access costs $29 per month. You can opt for a 10-day free trial to find out if this is the right place for you to expand your mobile coding skills.

2. iOS Developer Center


One of the best resources for iOS mobile development is the official free online resource offered by Apple. You can access this area with your Apple ID and password. Inside, you will find a lot of valuable written and video materials: tutorials, guidelines, best practices and latest changes to Apple policies on mobile apps.

This resource center must be a go-to for all mobile app developers, irrespective of their level of skills and experience.

3. Udacity


Udacity offers free and paid online courses, and so-called nanodegree specializations. The courses are not limited to app development, but you can find iOS development courses as well as in-depth Android specialization courses among them. The app development courses offered by Udacity are not free, however students can choose between the full up-front payment and monthly payments. The training is self-paced and includes one-to-one mentoring through video calls. In addition, students have the optional choice to continue the training in order to prepare for the Associate Android Developer Certification Exam by Google.

4. Coursera


Coursera has established itself as one of the most active open online learning communities. The courses you will find here are taught by professors at reputable universities such as MIT, Yale, Stanford, Princeton and Harvard.

You can access most of the course videos and materials for free. After finishing all the exercises and graded quizzes of the course, you can obtain an official, recognized certificate for an affordable fee (in the range of a couple of hundreds of dollars for the whole specialization).

5. Lynda


If you prefer video tutorials over written ones, is just what you need to hone your coding skills. This platform offers detailed, in-depth tutorials of a high quality. You will find tutorials for Android, iOS and Windows (even if the latter gives all the signs of heading towards extinction). offers two subscription plans: Basic starting from $19.99 per month and Premium starting from $29.99 per month. There is also a 10-day free trial period included in each plan. The differences between the two plans is represented by the ability to store and access your favorite tutorials offline and the access to project files to practice what you are currently learning.

Apart from these resources, there are many online forums, communities and open learning centers where you can search for mobile app development courses and tutorials. It is completely up to you whether you actively pursue ongoing learning – the tools are just a Google search away.