Clutch, a DC-based technology market research firm, recently spoke with some of our top clients who gave us feedback on our development and consulting services. We are proud that we have an average rating of 4.5 of our 5 stars. In addition to client reviews, Clutch creates short lists of the top development firms based on past work experience and market presence. Based on their methodology, we are among the top AR/VR developers in New York.

We received a 5 star review for a recent augmented reality web app we developed for a major sneaker company in conjunction with Annex 88, that allowed users worldwide to interact with 3–D product animations. The project lead at Annex 88 highlighted:

“We began with 200 MB 3–D scan of our client’s product and Rose repackaged that animation into a 6 MB file that remained high–resolution. They were able to have that file load for users around the world in less than six seconds, and users were staying in that experience for over a minute and a half, which is an incredibly impressive ratio. We had thousands of users per second, and Rose was prepared to handle more.”

When asked what he found most impressive about us, he added:

“The [Rose Digital] team is composed of knowledgeable and experienced people that choose projects based on what they’re passionate about, and it shows. They were very excited to work with us in this new realm and would provide us with discounts because of this. Since the work was so new, the research they did and provided us with was impressive. They found things that had never been done before, identified where there was competition, and validated and tested the product.”


At Rose Digital we are committed to building top tier technology projects that users value, and we are happy we lived up to our commitment for this project. If you want to read more full length reviews, check out our Clutch profile. Please contact us if you want to learn more.