We are proud to announce that Rose Digital has recently been featured in the Leading Mobile App Developers Across the United States report for 2018, prepared by Clutch. We have also been named a top augmented reality, as well as top artificial intelligence company in New York.

Clutch, the online ratings and reviews firm, establishes a clear and consistent baseline for quality content across the world. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch compiles client testimonials, case studies, and objective quantitative information that combine to create a powerful tool for understanding B2B companies.

Another interesting source for keeping up with B2B news is The Manifest. The online magazine also named Rose Digital a top AR/VR company in NYC.

While these achievements are exciting and telling, we couldn’t have gotten there without help from our clients, who pushed us to excel.

TJ Docena, Producer at Annex88, was thrilled to work with Rose Digital. “The team is composed of knowledgeable and experienced people that choose projects based on what they’re passionate about, and it shows. Since the work was so new, the research they did and provided us with was impressive. They found things that had never been done before, identified where there was competition, and validated and tested the product.”

The CEO of a SaaS Platform was impressed with Rose Digital as well. “Rose Digital is very confident in their software developing skills, which was very comforting for our team. Their in-house staff is exceptionally talented at translating the needs of the end-user into a useful platform.”

"The team is composed of knowledgeable and experienced people that choose projects based on what they’re passionate about, and it shows."

An Agile Approach to Complex Projects

At Rose Digital, we believe in constant and close communication with our clients. Each project is treated like an internal startup, with a mixed team of developers and client representatives working together to achieve the end goal.

Our 8 steps approach is the success formula we have developed after direct experiences with clients:

  1. We discover the client’s problem
  2. We create the functional specification of the project
  3. We build the initial prototype
  4. We deliver the MVP
  5. We listen to user feedback
  6. We iterate the necessary steps
  7. We perform integration testing
  8. We deliver the project and support the client with implementation.


This agile work process helped us adapt to the most advanced demands made by clients and complete some of the most challenging projects.

Looking Ahead

The recognition offered by the Clutch report motivates us to improve our services and become an one-stop-shop for all our clients needs for:

  • Hybrid and native mobile applications
  • Responsive single pages applications
  • Microservice architecture
  • Autoscaling environments, continuous integration and automated testing
  • Augmented reality experiences

At Rose Digital, your vision is taken from theoretical concept and delivered to you as a fully functional product. Let’s dream together, let’s build together!