Location-based marketing is technique that uses information on a client or customer’s location in order to make them aware of sales or events going on at your business while they are near it. If your business already has an associated mobile app, adding location-based marketing to your mobile business strategy is definitely a step that you should consider. If you don’t have a mobile app associated with your business, location-based marketing can be a great reason to develop an application over a mobile-friendly web-page.

Below are only some of the benefits to incorporating location-based marketing into your business strategy.

Keep Customers Thinking About You

One of the biggest benefits of location-based marketing is that it has the potential to keep your clients and customers thinking about your business. All businesses exist somewhere in space, but not all of them send notifications to their patrons when they walk or drive by.

Of course, some people are likely to be bothered by your notifications if they don’t notify them of anything. Location-based marketing is best used in moderation. Your mobile app should only be going off in people’s pockets if your business has something special to offer. A location-based marketing app that went off every time someone went by would be kind of like a business sending you an empty text or email everyday: you want to know when something is happening but you don’t need to be bothered when nothing is going on.

Deliver Targeted Information & Promote Your Building

On a related note, location-based marketing is a good way to draw some patrons’ attention without bothering everyone else. If your business has an online component and a brick-and-mortar front, you have two different groups of patrons.You’ll likely want to let everyone know of some events that are occuring online through email blasts or similar methods, but events going on at your store-front might not concern some of your customers if they are far from your business and only support you online.

By having location-based marketing on your mobile app, you can let your local patrons know when something is going on near them without sending the information to more distant customers who won’t be able to use it. It can also be used to encourage business at your storefront in a time when business is increasingly moving online. A lot is lost in this move but you can remind your local patrons of these benefits that are unique to people in the area of your business.


Draw Attention to Your Mobile App

I mentioned already that location-based marketing is a good reason to develop a mobile app for your business but it’s also a great reason for your patrons to bother having your mobile app. As is the case with using a mobile app to draw attention to a storefront, using location-based marketing is particularly useful at drawing attention to your mobile app if your business has an online component and a brick-and-mortar front and you want to make sure that both are making money. Just like location-based marketing can keep people aware of your building, it can keep people plugged into your online presence.

If you already have a mobile app that needs a little something to get people to use it, some well-managed location-based marketing can be just what your customers need to get them to download your mobile app, especially if they live or work near your business.

Some Considerations

While location-based marketing is a powerful tool, it is not for all businesses. If your business does not already have an associated mobile app, location-based marketing is something to think about but may also be something that poses significant expense. One of the reasons for this is that because location-based marketing requires access to a mobile device’s hardware features, it requires separate apps for Android and Apple devices, which can increase the cost of app development.

Some businesses are also less likely to have something to gain from location-based marketing. For example, businesses that sell things are more likely to have special events and sales than businesses that offer services.

These are only some of the basic benefits and concerns associated with incorporating location-based marketing into your business strategy. While there is more to learn if you are unfamiliar with this approach, hopefully you can now give a little more thought to investing in location-based marketing. It’s an exciting tool that has only grown in popularity and influence as more and more people begin to use data on their mobile devices.