Marketing is the life and soul of every business. The highest level of marketing is not attracting new customers, but keeping the existing ones loyal to the brand and the company’s products and services. Following this principle, customer loyalty programs are the highest level of marketing strategies – employing advanced customer satisfaction and retention techniques with top-notch technology to create and deliver messages tailored to various customer profiles.

As a part of customer loyalty activities, companies engage their clients through newsletters, special discounts, social media interactions, quizzes and contests with prizes. All these were proven to work and strengthen the level of trust and satisfaction of customers with their favorite brands and companies. Right now, as these techniques have already matured, it is the moment to bring a new, innovative player in the customer loyalty game: the mobile app.

Mobile apps are even better than social media interactions because they place the client at the center of the communication process: the customer decides when they want to initiate the communication, has the flexibility to do it from the most frequently used device – the smartphone – which they carry with them everywhere, and at the exact moment when they are at leisure and are willing to interact with your business.

Mobile apps can strengthen the loyalty of customers to companies in several ways:

1. They Are a Constant Reminder of the Brand Image

Imagine that you have billboards all over the city and ads on every TV channel (as impractical as it is). Even this hypothetical situation does not guarantee that a customer will see your brand image, your logo and your messages all the time. On a cold, rainy Sunday they may stay indoors and play a video game instead of watching TV.

However, people check their mobile phone at least once every few hours, on a daily basis, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. And, as they scroll through their apps and folders, they will see your mobile app icon. Even if they do not use them right then, their mind will register this image and continue making the association with your company and your products and services.

2. They Are an Efficient Content Distribution Channel

People are more likely to tap on a mobile notification and read it than to open a new email. The same message, delivered through a mobile app and a newsletter, will have higher chances to be read by people who installed your app than by people who subscribed to your mailing list.

This is the best way to get your content in front of your customers, remind them of your brand image and business, and get them to follow through with your call to action. Mobile notifications from mobile apps are fully automated, thus you do not have to worry about remembering to schedule the message to be sent to your app users, as it would be in the case of scheduling a newsletter to be distributed to your subscribers.

3. They Can Wow Customers through the Use of Cutting-Edge Technology

Augmented reality (AR) is a concept that allows users to interact with a digitized image, making changes and adjustments to preview the end result they would obtain in real life. The most popular examples are the AR tools offered by hairstylists to clients to “try on” a new haircut or color before going to the appointment, or by home improvement stores, where people can upload photos of their room and see how it would look with a new paint color, curtains, or various pieces of furniture.

Mobile apps using augmented reality are more expensive, but they are more efficient in keeping customers loyal to your company because it gives them a useful tool to test your products, and select the best option for their needs and preferences.

Last but not least, mobile apps can be used to promote personalized client referral programs, offering special bonuses and discounts for customers who invite their friends to install your app. Through a clever combination of your marketing strategies and the possibilities offered by modern technology, you can reach out to your customers, keep them engaged, informed and entertained, and turn them into brand ambassadors for your company.