So far, we have shared our insights on mobile app development: why your organization needs one and how to use it for customer acquisition and retention. Today we go behind the scenes, so to say, to take a look at the team developing the mobile app for you. And one key question arises: should you hire developer partners to work for you on a project basis, or should you employ a team of developers to work exclusively for your organization?

The answer generally varies from company to company, but there are some definite aspects to take into consideration in your analysis. These aspects are not industry-dependent, they are applicable to any company, of any size, when analyzing the opportunity of outsourcing versus an in-house app development team.

Developer Partners



1. You Gain Access to an Experienced Team

App development companies have a lot of experience in creating, maintaining and upgrading web and mobile apps. They have worked on hundreds of projects and their team consists of seasoned professionals specializing in the most common app development platforms.

This level of expertise can be reached only after years of working on various challenging projects, meeting tight deadlines and developing the team spirit. A web development agency uses tried and tested work procedures and protocols to deliver the best product within the deadline.

2. You Are Charged a Fair Price

Experienced web developers can estimate with great accuracy how long it would take them to work on your project and how many people will be involved in it. Thus, they can offer you a fair price estimate from the beginning. This allows your organization to plan and adapt the budget needed for the project, and to be assured that there will be no last minute extra costs for a fully budgeted project.

3. Your Organization Receives Tailored Advice and Support for Your Project

When you start out on the path of developing a web or mobile app, you may not have a clear idea of what it is supposed to do and how many functions it should have to satisfy your prospects. A web development agency can make pertinent recommendations, and help you choose the best platform, design, etc. In the end, your project may cost less than you projected during the initial phase.


1. No Control over Who Works on Your Project

The developer partners will decide whom they assign to work on your project. This is something which bothers managers who are used to having control over every aspect of their business. However, micro-management is not productive and you may be delaying work by continuously interfering with the professionals working on it.

2. Choosing the Wrong Team of Developers

There are many app development agencies or freelancers available for hire, but not all of them deliver the same quality. When scouting for developer partners, look at their projects portfolio and client testimonials. Do not opt for the lowest price – it is accompanied by the same level of work quality.

3. Lack of Understanding of Company Values

Miscommunication can appear not only in relation to developer partners, but even to your own employees. It is important to appoint someone from your organization to liaise with the developer team and communicate all the information clearly.

In-House Developers



1. They Work Exclusively for Your Organization

The developers you hire will dedicate all their time to developing and maintaining your web and mobile applications. This helps you have a stronger control over their work and intervene whenever you want to see the work in progress and make changes to it.

2. Understanding of Corporate Culture

Your employees know from first-hand experience what image the company is trying to project and what its core values are. Also, they have quick access to the corporate identity handbook to make sure that every design element included in the app is in accordance with it.

3. Increased Commitment to the Product

An in-house team has vested interest in the success of the app they develop. It will act like a marketing tool bringing more revenue and ultimately, salary raises and bonuses.


1. Recruitment

If you never recruited developers and designers before, you probably do not know how to structure your job ad, what core skills to demand from applicants and what questions to ask in the interview. Hiring a recruitment agency is quite expensive and it will add to your overheads for app development.

2. Cost

Unless you are constantly developing mobile apps, an in-house development team will prove costly. Even if you do not have work to give them, you still have to pay their salaries, contributions, and benefits.

3. Top Talents Are Hard to Attract

Development companies are able to offer their employees the right combination of salary and benefits to attract them. They also offer their reputation in the field – something which professionals care about. Your organization will likely present less interest as a potential career move for an experienced and talented developer.

The only pertinent conclusion in the end is that hiring an in-house team of developers is the right decision only if you continuously develop mobile app projects. Otherwise, hiring developer partners is more cost-effective and beneficial for your organization.