Designing a great looking and working app is no easy feat. It requires intense teamwork, where talent and experience must meet the client’s requirements. However, there are situations where there is a lack of communication, unclear specs and requirements, or simply there is a gap between the client’s vision and the developers’ ideas.

These are the moments when a little inspiration can provide the exact missing element to turn the app design from blah to wow. All the professionals in the creative field resort to inspiration, after all. Writers read a lot of books, musicians listen to other artists’ music, and so on. For designers, sources of inspiration are thankfully everywhere.

There are many online resources available which include advice, examples, and best practices for UX and UI design for mobile apps. To save valuable time, this article aggregates some of the most helpful resources of this kind, which can save an app design project from delays and clear up the client’s frustrations.

1. Colour Lovers


Colors are the heart and soul of design of any kind. On various occasions, designers have to comply with the corporate identity colors provided by the client. Even so, they need to add a few complementary colors for texts, animations, various buttons, etc.

ColourLovers provides a wide array of color palettes which can be used throughout the design of an entire app. Here, designers can find full color palettes, single colors or patterns, according to their needs. The selection can be made either by the number of votes by the community of users, or by a few categories, such as digital art, web, print, fashion, etc.

2. Mobile Design Inspiration


This Tumblr account brings together various sources of inspiration from around the web for Android and iOS app design. The classification is made only by mobile operating system and device, so it is not exactly helpful for designers looking for specific inspiration.

However, for those who have the time to browse this page, it contains many useful examples of icons, animations, backgrounds, etc.

3. Awwwards


Formerly known only for awarding the best looking and most functional websites, Awwwards has expanded to mobile apps, as well. The well curated section for mobile app design inspiration is neatly classified by mobile OS and by resource categories:

  • Buttons
  • Fonts
  • Vector icons
  • GUI elements
  • PSD mock-ups

These resources are not only varied, but they are also judiciously selected by the team of specialists at Awwwards, as well as by the community of active users – designers and developers.

4. Pttrns


Whenever there is a need for very specific inspiration, Pttrns has the answer. Its highly detailed categories of mobile UI example include, among others:

  • Check In/Check Out screens
  • Confirmation pop-ups
  • Invite Friends buttons
  • Launch screens
  • Side bars
  • Shopping carts

In other words, it is one of the most detailed and specific sources of inspiration for mobile app design. Users can opt for free or premium accounts. The premium accounts offer access to all the resources of the website and cost $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

5. Behance


Behance is primarily a portal where designers can share their portfolios. This makes it a valuable source of inspiration for every kind of design: web, app, for business, for games, etc.

The portal features a Curated Gallery where the site administrators share the best resources. Apart from this, the section Best of Behance includes the portfolios with the most views and votes. Since the website is open to all sorts of designers, including photographers, it takes time to browse through the galleries in order to find mobile specific portfolios.