Most companies invest in mobile apps to help their customers connect with them. This is a growing trend among large- and medium-sized companies, and soon enough we may even see small businesses choosing this versatile communication tool. However, most companies forget that there is one valuable asset that makes their business successful and keeps their customers happy: the employees.

This asset is not quantifiable in monetary terms: talented and dedicated employees make the difference between a struggling start-up and a fast-growing company, between a mediocre business idea and a highly innovative and successful product or service which attracts a large number of customers. In these conditions, it is surprising that not enough companies consider developing dedicated apps which help them connect with each other and with the management team, set their own learning and development plan, and access company resources when they need them, wherever they may be located.

Through extended experience working with various corporate clients, professional app development companies have understood the long-term benefits and the short-term improvements in terms of employees’ productivity and loyalty to their companies. Here are a few notable considerations to keep in mind:

1. HR Departments Can Improve Their Productivity

Working in the human resources department is a challenging profession, where you have to balance the corporate policy and your personal skills at scouting for talents, making a precise selection, and inducting new employees to the company culture. Even during periods when the company is not actively recruiting for job openings, the HR department continues to collect resumes, and build and maintain the company’s own database of pre-qualified candidates.

A mobile app helping them schedule interviews, obtain quick assessments of the initial tests taken by job candidates, and match a set of skills with selected resumes from the company database, is a great help for employees working in your HR department.

2. Allowing Employees to Connect with Each Other Globally

Most large companies have expanded at an international level, becoming multinational corporations. However, employees from various locations across the globe have little contact with each other, and this prevents the strengthening of the corporate ties between different branch offices.

A simple corporate communication tool in the form of a mobile app would allow all your employees, no matter where they are located, to connect with each other, discuss daily business activities, seek advice and assistance from each other, and build a stronger and more united corporate culture at global level.

3. Socializing In and Out of the Office

Your company probably organizes a lot of team-building and corporate events, which help your high level management team, various departments and branch office employees get together in a more or less formal environment and build person-to-person relationships. How efficiently do you communicate these events throughout your extended network? Emails could skip unread, board notices could be passed by without being seen.

The key to efficient communication is to make the information available to people at all times, but allow them to access it at their best convenience. The practical answer to these prerequisites is a dedicated mobile app, where your employees can view the upcoming list of company events, can respond to RSVP invitations to attend, and share an event with other employees from their list of contacts.

4. Self-Paced Learning

Mobile apps for m-learning are becoming popular among students – and they can be just as useful and popular for corporations which want to keep their employees continually trained and up to date with the latest developments in their field of activity. Mobile learning applications are flexible and interactive, allowing employees to pursue continuous self-improvement courses at their own pace, without having a negative impact on their job duties. The managers can have quick access to the test results and performance assessments for each employee, identify the fast and slow learners, and take appropriate measures.

Apart from these basic considerations, mobile apps dedicated to employees can help you measure the level of loyalty to your company, identify the potential brand ambassadors, and take advantage of your most valuable asset – the human resources – in new and innovative ways to promote your corporate culture and brand image.